Class 40 Racing on KITE

American father-son team Greg and Hannes Leonard are taking on a personal challenge to race Kite, a Class 40 Mach 40.3. Together, they plan to race against other Class 40s in a series of long distance ocean races in the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean.

Normandy Channel Race Recap

Latest Updates:

  • 10th Place!
    Kite crossed the finish line in 10th place tonight and is headed back to the Solent. The race committee hospitality was fantastic. The RIB that met Kite came bearing pizza, champagne and beer for both crew. Here’s the official tweet from the Normandy Channel Race web site:
  • Thirty hours of 30+
    Wow, what a 30 hours. We came into Lands End expecting not much and instead had 30+. Was it some funneling at the point? No, we carried it well into the Channel. As we weren’t expecting that much, we didn’t have our storm jib set up and so took the easy route and tried to … Continue reading
  • Tales from the Fourth Day
    We were having a great blast down from Tuskar Rock when a challenge presented itself. We had wind up to 31 kts and were putting in a second reef when the boom – mainsheet attachment failed. We had to slow down for several hours to get control of the situation and set up a temporary … Continue reading