Class 40 Racing on KITE

American father-son team Greg and Hannes Leonard are taking on a personal challenge to race Kite, a Class 40 Mach 40.3. Together, they plan to race against other Class 40s in a series of long distance ocean races in the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean.

Up Next:

The Normandy Channel Race 2022 has started. Follow the race.

Hannes at the helm – Start of the Normandy Channel Race on May 15.
May 15. Greg and Hannes at the dock in Caen prior to leaving for the start

Latest Updates:

  • Last leg
  • Guernsey Astern
    Things are warming up. We stripped down to two layers yesterday and took off our boots for the first time in days. The current gods favored us with a favorable current to push us through the Alderney Race near Guernsey (which was better than Tuskar or Brest), and we are now past Cherbourg.
  • Off the coast of Brittany