Delivery at Last: La Trinite to Hamble via Poole

This race season has turned out different than anyone projected, and by now that is old news. As we started the new year, the sale of Kite was just about to close, and we were anticipating an early spring delivery that would also serve as a shakedown cruise for some of the team. Corona had other ideas, of course, and we watched from home patiently as early spring turned to late spring and finally June. Enter the prospect of quarantine restrictions, and the earliest we might get to sail on Kite looked like July. Uggh. Enter Paul and Andrew, who sailed Kite from La Trinite to Poole, arriving minutes before quarantine restrictions kicked in. Many thanks for their effort. Greg and Hannes took over next morning to bring Kite the rest of the way to Poole. Now training begins in earnest . . .

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