Thirty hours of 30+

Wow, what a 30 hours. We came into Lands End expecting not much and instead had 30+. Was it some funneling at the point? No, we carried it well into the Channel. As we weren’t expecting that much, we didn’t have our storm jib set up and so took the easy route and tried to earn some miles under a double-reefed main. We didn’t know that there was a party get-together in the anchorage. So, we carried on through a very windy night and Friday seeing sustained forty knots for a short while even. In the end, we did pay a price for all the extra fun as our J1 came unfurled and damaged itself and the J2 before we got it all under control again.

So, all is well aboard Kite though the crew look a bit haggard. At least we’ll have a colorful finish with our bright orange storm jib up.

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