Radio Interview with Hannes

Listen to Hannes’ perspective after rounding Tuskar Rock in this radio interview on the Normandy Channel Race site.

Note that he is listed as skipper — Greg feels lucky to be allowed to sail with him . . .

Also note that the interview ends abruptly. The connection was bad and dropped, but it sounds as though the guys had something up their sleeve. Ah ha, now we know the rest of the story . . .

Fastnet Astern

Fastnet in the distance

Overall, we had a good day yesterday. It was lovely to start with a daylight rounding of Tuskar Rock. It is quite pretty and we didn’t see it last year. Then, the run down SE Ireland was pretty smooth with a few big wind holes that kept us active.

This morning saw us round Fastnet in daylight as well. We’re in bigger breeze now, enjoying it while we can. Hope you all have a good day.