Saturday, November 12

All ok here.   I was sitting down to a delightful, freeze-dried meal when the wind went to 25-33.  It was due for 24 tonight.  Oh well.  I dropped the traveler and waited for 30 minutes, and it stuck around.  It took over an hour going to the 2nd reef.  The new main is just a bit different, and I hadn’t set up the first reef right for the second to go in right.  After maybe 10 round trips to the mast, they are both in right. Of course, then the wind went to 19.  It didn’t stay there long.  It is back to upper 20s, and I am all set.  We have the first part of the shift (backing) and so are headed more westerly which should punch us through this front more quickly than headed SW as we were. Hope you are having a wonderful day out there.

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