Spinning out on Saturday

So, two nights ago, when setting the A2 (spinnaker), the tack zipper didn’t open. It ripped the sail from just about the tack to about 10′ high. I spent most of Friday sewing it. It went back up Friday night. I was really happy with the repair.

It held all night and into the morning. Then, this morning there was a bit of a squall and a little wipeout. Nothing really notable on the scale of things. However, the halyard broke at the clutch and the whole sail ended up under the boat with lines everywhere. Two hours later, I had it onboard in 6 pieces. I was lucky not to damage the rudders or anything else. It took another while to clean up the mess and recover a bit.

Then, to add a bit more adventure, when hoisting the fractional spin, the 2 to 1 halyard spun, twisted, and knotted itself. It wouldn’t come down. Fortunately it was just a few feet over the radar dome when I noticed it, but I got to do my first solo mast climb. The frac spin is up now and it is the right sail.

The brochure didn’t say it would be easy…

The wind is in the low 20s and we are making fast miles to Guadeloupe. It is loud down below. All is well on Kite.

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