Live Coverage of the Start on Sunday morning

From the Normandy Channel Race:

An unprecedented 52’ of live TV coverage on FRANCE 3 for the race start
For the start of the CIC Normandy Channel Race on Sunday 15 May at 13:30 hours, FRANCE3 NORMANDIE is providing 52’ of live coverage with the support of the IMAGINE IN FRANCE teams, which begins airing at 13:25 hours local time. This live coverage will be hosted by Laurent Marvylle of France 3 and Louis Duc, a skipper with very close ties to the event, having participated in it 9 times before setting out on his quest to compete in the next Vendée Globe on an Imoca 60. In the process of being finalised, the device set up by FRANCE 3 NORMANDIE also includes FRANCE 3 HAUTS DE FRANCE, FRANCE 3 BRETAGNE and FRANCE 3 NOUVELLE – AQUITAINE. Furthermore, the start will be broadcast across all the digital networks associated with FRANCE 3 and the event.

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