Heading Out to the Start Line

Sunday morning saw the procession out of the harbor and north through the canal to the start of the Normandy Channel Race. Here are a few photos:

Hannes and Greg before the start.
Tied up in the lock.
Thirty teams are competing in this 2022 Normandy Channel Race. Here they are in the lock to the ocean.
Thunderstorms are also forecast this forecast.
The procession down Caen Canal
Pegasus Bridge
Café Gondrée on the banks of the Caen Canal. This building was the first liberated by Allied troops on D Day. British forces walked into the cafe at 6:20 a.m. on June 6, 1944, after capturing Pegasus Bridge.

From the race village and Caen earlier in the week:

Hannes signing autographs for school children on a school field trip
Seen on the streets of Caen

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