Smooth sailing on November 22

It is sunny here. The night was good. We had a squall at 4 am and a wipeout. I was sleeping but jumped up and sorted it out. I saw 34 knots, so I was a little surprised we rounded up with the code 5 up, but maybe it was a wave.

I gybed a little while after that. I did a check before gybing and realized that the spinnaker tack line had freed itself at the bow and then around the sprit and code 5 furling line and down to the bobstay at the water. It was a firehouse up there as I sorted it out with the boat hook for about half an hour. Yuk! Otherwise, the gybe and stacking went well. Wow, it takes a while on your own.

We crossed a Hanse 588 the morning on this way to the Caribbean and had a nice chat.

The solar panels are working well during the day, and I use the engine for half an hour a bit after sunrise to lure the fuel cell into shutting down. The combination is working well as I have a lot of flexibility on when to use the engine.

Breakfast this morning was a mountain house southwestern breakfast hash that had survived all these years. It was a treat, in a relative sense. I double-checked the expiration date and found it to be 2047!

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