Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving! All is well onboard Kite.  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family, perhaps with lots of turkey and pie. Chicken curry featured as the Thanksgiving meal here. Pies will wait until December. Thank you all for your support and good wishes.

Spinnaker woes have been keeping me busy. I spent most of Thanksgiving sewing the salvageable spinnaker back together. Unfortunately, the spinnaker repair from Wednesday to Friday didn’t hold long.  The tear was directly across the main load of the sail, and I simply didn’t have the right materials on board any longer.  I was able to get the sail down and stowed away and we are back running under our code 5 fractional reaching sail at about 3-4 knots slower than our targets.  Now it is a game of grinding away the miles and gybing when there are shifts that make the angles slightly better.  I am definitely looking forward to being in Guadeloupe!

Making miles to Guadeloupe

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