Tuesday, November 15

Hi, all is well on board Kite.  We came through the last front with only small issues and now we have sunshine and 15-17kts… Upwind!  On the exciting front, we may tack tomorrow afternoon.  In all seriousness, it is nice to have a break from the changing conditions of the fronts.  At times it was pretty full on.   With the reefs in the main, I had to use the dinghy bailer to bail the water out of the main. 

The goal in these fronts has been to preserve the boat and me and I think we did that well.  Now all we need is some extra sleep and food.

The smoother seas this morning meant eggs for breakfast.  I’ve also had a bit of a clean up down below.   No doubt I will have time later to conjure up a bit of magic from the bag of freeze dried food for a delightful dinner. 

Monday, November 14

I tacked a few mins ago (noon UTC) to head west.  It is time to push through this front.  My southerly position should mitigate the strength a bit and if all goes well, I will be through it this evening. 

We are south of 39N and so on the latitude of Annapolis.  That feels like a milestone of sorts.  Yesterday and today have been really recuperative.  I hope this afternoon continues along those lines.  There is still quite a bit to do, but there is less that needs doing at the same time urgently. 

There has even been a little sun in the last hour and the water temperature is up to 19.3. 

Sunday, November 13

Today was a recovery/catch up day with winds letting us push steadily south before the next weather system on Monday.  There was a lot of computer time. Kite had a good look over. Three proper meals were eaten for the first time of the race and there was some real sleep.  I even managed a few podcasts. 

The sun was out for a lot of the day, and the solar panels were doing their magic.  All is well here.  We’ll be glad to get past the next heavy weather tomorrow and point the bow at Guadeloupe.   

Live from the Atlantic . . . it’s Saturday night

The shift is starting.  Wind at 210 now and nicely down to around 20kts.  Life is a bit more comfortable.  Back to one reef in the main and to 100-105% of polars.  I should eat dinner, but nothing strikes my fancy.  I’m waiting for the rest of the shift in a few hours and then will tack.  It is nice to make more miles directly south. This start hasn’t been cold as expected.  RBI was colder.  The water is now 17.8 C. 

Saturday, November 12

All ok here.   I was sitting down to a delightful, freeze-dried meal when the wind went to 25-33.  It was due for 24 tonight.  Oh well.  I dropped the traveler and waited for 30 minutes, and it stuck around.  It took over an hour going to the 2nd reef.  The new main is just a bit different, and I hadn’t set up the first reef right for the second to go in right.  After maybe 10 round trips to the mast, they are both in right. Of course, then the wind went to 19.  It didn’t stay there long.  It is back to upper 20s, and I am all set.  We have the first part of the shift (backing) and so are headed more westerly which should punch us through this front more quickly than headed SW as we were. Hope you are having a wonderful day out there.

Bumpy and lots of reefing – November 11

Yesterday was pretty busy.  It usually seemed on the cusp or just over the line for a different sail combination. I would put a reef in (usually 17-18kts) because the wind went to 18-22.  And then the wind would drop to 13.  Today it is supposed to build to 22-24.  Fortunately, the wind was already in the low 20s, so I switched to the J2.  That means, as long as it doesn’t ease off, I am set through tonight.  All is well on board Kite. Hope all is well with all of you. Happy Veteran’s Day.

24 hours in

All is well onboard.  I am getting into a rhythm slowly after having had a lot of downtime since Round Britain and Ireland and especially since my solo qualifier in June.  So far all is well with Kite.  Our solar panels could do with a bit more sun for the batteries.  Still, I had expected the first night to be much colder.  (I hope that doesn’t jynx the second night.)  We currently have 16-19 kts of wind and expect a bit of building tonight.